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Cano Hondo area is located in Sabana de la Mar, Hato Mayor, Dominican Republic. A creation focus in the protection of natural resources mode of Ecolodge Hotel. Unique style in the Caribean.

This Area start develop after the architect Reynaldo de Leon Demorizi (Tony) make his internship for the University in the ’80s. The vision was creating a place where the people that were visiting Los Haitises National Park stay and have lunch. After creating a small Restaurant with his Local Partner Orlando, they saw the opportunity to also have some rooms for renting to the tourist that want to stay in this wonderful area next to the main entrance of Los Haitises National Park.

As all starts were really difficult even to go with the material to the small business. They worked with the farmers creating a road with the sedimentary rocks from the edge of Los Haitises National Park and Cano Hondo area. In the First stage, they did not have an idea how to name this place but all visitors were calling the area Paradis. So, this was the name that Visitors gave to this place. Cano Hondo Paradise. ( Paraiso Cano Hondo). In the 90s were created CA- NO – H- O- N-DO. yes, they created 6 rooms and the name spelling Cano Hondo Comunity. That is why Nowadays still you can stay in those rooms and they has the same names.

Cano Hondo Excursions

The most famous was NO room because the waterfalls noise from the River Jivales are making the noise all night when you are sleeping there. And after Tony sow, the amount of people that want to stay in the Paradise they work hard in making the Mesopotamia pools with Natural Flows from River Jivales and building 6 new Rooms name Ce-Y-Ba plus 2 years later where open 6 mores rooms JI- VA- LES. Ceyba because of the name of an endemic tree that we have in the Dominican Republic and Jivales as the name of the longers river with a spring close to Cano Hondo, 1.5 km from the Hotel Cano Hondo.

More visitors were coming to the Ecolodge. Tony asked another partner from Sabana de la Mar to start building a new area. Name Cano Hondo highs (ALTOS DE CANO HONDO). Because of the wonderful view to the San Lorenzo bay from Los Haitises National Park and the Samana Bay. The rooms were named with birds nest from birds you can see around to Los Haitises National Park. Having as a Manager Rosanna Selman, Cano Hondo Grow in accommodation settings.

Focusing on visitors of Los Haitises National park Hotel Cano Hondo start with tours and activities such us: Caves Tours, Mangroves and Rock islands. Kayaking, Horse riding, hiking trails, Climbing natural rocks, Zip Line and Birding around to Los Haitises National Park.

20 Years later Tony start his last building with 16 more rooms focuses on wonderful views from Cano Hondo area. The last park is the newest inaugurated last 2018. The Name of this rooms is divided between Natives plants from Los Haitises National Park.


🥇 Altos Cano Hondo vs Paraiso Cano Hondo

Nowadays Cano Hondo is Divided by ( 2 )Administrations. ALTOS CANO HONDO & PARAISO CANO HONDO. This makes visitor confusing because even they are in the same place they don’t know the differences. ALTOS CANO HONDO is the focus in the view to the Ocean and National Park Los Haitises and Paraiso Cano Hondo in the swimming pools around to the restaurants.


🥗 Cano Hondo Natural and Typical Local Food.


Note: Cano Hondo is Unique locals food and the Plates are not pre-cook. We start preparing food after you make the other. Our standards about using Milk, Fish and rice produce by Locals is since Cano Hondo was created, so please be flexible and ask for food before you start starving 🙂


This is the real Ecotourism in the Dominican Republic.


Anyways when you book a room in any area of Cano Hondo you are allowed to use all areas.

Write me by WhatsApp to advise you about which rooms are the best. 1-809-720-6035.


Real Ecolodge History Cano Hondo Sabana de la mar.

By: Misael Calcano ( National Tour Guide).


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