Tour du faucon de Ridgway

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Tour du faucon de Ridgway

$95 $70 par personne

Birding Ridgway’s in Los Haitises

🦆 This tour is Offer to a minimum of 3 people and Maximum 10 people. In case of fewer people please contact Misael Calcano By Mail. Misael.calcano.silven@gmail.com or by Whatsapp 1-809-720-6035.Note: Ridways Hawks Tours in Los Haitises National Park the Dominican Republic.

An excursion in Los Haitises National Park trails, where you can Visit the habitat and History of Ridgway’s Hawks in the Humist Trails of Los Haitises National Park. We know the spots habitats for Ridgway’s and Ashy Faced Owls. Also, you may see others endemics species around the Park.

Our tour Guide will meet you in Sabana de la Mar or Cano Hondo Area, also pick you up at Cano Hondo Hotel.

Write to us by Whatsapp 1-809-720-6035 and Misael Calcano will Contact you for a wonderful Day Trip in Los Haitises National Park. This Tour is Focus on nature and is more concentrated in the information about wildlife. Usually is private.

🦅  Excursion Details:

From Sabana de la Mar or Caño Hondo.  We start Hiking the Ridgway trails to the Nesting areas. There after 30 min Hiking and Watching the Hawks we have the option to continue hiking around and check for Parrots, piculets, and Others Endemics species in  Los Haitises National Park.

Los Haitises National Park has Just two Trails for Birding in Sabana de la Mar. On the way to Los Hiatises National Park we stop in some spots to see more birds.

Dans la baie de San Lorenzo, nous visiterons deux grottes, la grotte Sadly, appelée en espagnol Cueva de la Arena ; dans cette grotte, nous pouvons voir les pétrographes des communautés Tainos qui vivaient dans cette région et qui utilisaient les grottes comme temple.

After first Cave, we go ahead to the Linea Cave, this one with 2,243 originals pictographs and our tour guide explain you the information from archeologist about those pictographs.

Nous reprenons le bateau jusqu'à l'île de Pajaros (l'île aux oiseaux) où nous pouvons voir la plupart des oiseaux des zones humides autour du parc national de Los Haitises. Tous les oiseaux ne sont pas dans l'eau.

After 4 and half hours Learning About Birds in  Los Haitises National Park. We finish our tour in the same place as started.

Note: These tours are with Officials ecologist tours guides. Please Book with time because in the park there are no too many specialists.


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